The goal is to train professionals and researches in fieldwork techniques and methodological approaches in migration studies, policies and law, communication, and to work independently in the development, promotion of cultural expressions and events with a focus on the Mediterranean. The programme includes tuition in sociology and law of migration, economic and social development, communication but also literature, anthropology, history. Theoretical courses are accompanied by workshops on project design/management skills and techniques, learning by doing (the ability to monitor the progress of a project, foresee risks and plan adjustments), organization of events and conferences, technical skills in the field of communication (broadcasting language, audiovisual language, web text-editing). The dissemination of knowledge in human and social sciences, in literature and drama is also a major key for the promotion of intercultural dialogue between societies and for the strengthening of a common identity based on cultural diversity. The MIM consortium is responding to the conclusions and recommendations of the Anna Lindh Foundation (one of MIM’s associated partners), in close collaboration with Transeuropéennes, dedicated to the Mapping of translation in the Euro-Mediterranean. In this respect, MIM students are trained to build bridges for ideas, cultures, stories and traditions, and expand people’s cultural horizons by:

  • highlighting the centrality of the communication process and the transfer of knowledge in every field that has potential for dialogue (books, performance, interpreted discourse);
  • promoting the transfer of knowledge as a basis for cultural and economic exchanges developing partnerships among the relevant actors engaged in this field in the Euro-Mediterranean region;
  • acting as a bridge for cultural operators and policy tools for decision-makers and funders.