In Barcelona (UAB)

Courses of Arabic (for beginners and for advanced) as well as Spanish language for the purposes of mediation and resolution of conflicts are taught and obligatory for all students.
Two intensive weeks of Spanish for students with no previous knowledge are offered in September. Alternatively, Hebrew is the other option for students with knowledge of Spanish.
Catalan is offered and it is optional.

In Venice (UNIVE)

Courses of Arabic for beginners are taught and are compulsory for all students. Advanced students will be offered a course of Moroccan Arabic. Advanced students interested in the study of Classical Arabic will have the opportunity to attend language classes at the Ca’ Foscari University Venice, compatibly with the MIM timetable. Italian language courses for non native speakers will be offered as well during this term. Courses of Hebrew language are offered and are optional. However, for those choosing them, the 80 % of attendance is compulsory. We advise interested student to attend the first two classes before deciding whether to enroll or not. Instruments for interactive self-learning (CD-rom) will be available both for French and Spanish language. However, the presence of French and Spanish native-speakers students will represent the best way to practice those two languages from the very beginning of the programme.

In Montpellier (UPVM)

A course of French will be offered and it is compulsory: it aims mainly at the improvement of the written language. Classic Arabic will be also taught and it is compulsory as well.