The curriculum of the new MIM programme has been jointly designed by the three full partners on the basis of the experience gained during the fifteen previous editions of the one-year programme (the date of conversion into “Master di primo livello” is 31 January 2003, but the first edition started off in 1998). Over the years, the MIM partners have constantly updated the course content, building a considerable amount of expertise and networks in the academic and non-academic world. The consortium is thus in a position to propose a very strong educational offer, emphasizing the assets and expert knowledge of all partners across different contexts and disciplines.

The three focal areas and consequently the three modules on which the programme has been developed are:

Humanities at Ca’ Foscari University in Venice (languages, history, literature, religion, anthropology, gender studies of the south bank of the Mediterranean);

The module, run by UNIVE, will be in oriental languages (Arabic), historical, political, cultural and economic disciplines, specifically linked to the Mediterranean area in its comparative geographical and political perspective, with a special focus on gender studies. Thanks to the participation of prominent external lecturers in the fields of cultural mediation and Middle Eastern studies (and the School of International Relations), this module fully mirrors the academic strength of Ca’ Foscari University.

Communication and Media at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (Communication and Development in the Mediterranean, Communicative and Media System, audiovisual language);

UAB’s expertise is in the field of Communication, Development Cooperation, and sociocultural Mediation in the Mediterranean area – their module will range from the knowledge of the theoretical and methodological foundations of international cooperation and communication, to the knowledge of society in the MENA region. The module also addresses business and economics areas, to provide an overview on the organization of the media in the Mediterranean, as well as with insights on EuroMed regional integration. It will additionally offer courses of Spanish language at the beginning of each edition of the MIM programme.

Political sciences and European law and policies on immigration at Université Paul-Valéry Montpellier (a comparative approach to state and society in the Mediterranean, migration studies, asylum seekers co-development and decentralized cooperation).

UPVM in Montpellier will contribute in the areas of European migration law, migration studies and decentralized cooperation, offering students a thorough knowledge of these topic by way of courses, seminars and workshops to be conducted both by internal and external staff co-opted also from the area of French development cooperation and local authorities and NGO involved in migration and integration issues in the region. The UPVM will additionally offer an optional two-week summer school of French as a foreign language during the month of July.


Module 1 – UAB – Barcelona

Topic/Subject ECTS
Communication, Cultural Mediation and Human Development
Language of the Media
Intercultural Communication
Globalization, Euro-Mediterranean regional integration and migrations
Project Management


Module 2 – UNIVE – Venice

Topic/Subject ECTS
Migratory fluxes, asylum seekers and political refugees
Intercultural Mediation
Gender: an insight
Tourism, Cooperation and sustainable development
The Southern Shore of the Mediterranean: an Insight
Consortium seminar: Eastern Mediterranean countries
Culture as Mediation


Module 3 – UPVM – Montpellier

Topic/Subject ECTS
State and Society in the Mediterranean: a Comparative Approach
International Cooperation and Migrations
Inequality, Mobility and Identity
Consortium seminar:   Western   Mediterranean countries
Research Methodology


Internship & Thesis – (30 ECTS)

N. Topic/Subject ECTS Location Schedule
1 Internship 15 To be defined 2nd year
2 Thesis 15 To be defined 2nd year




Université Moulay Ismail, Meknès (Morocco)

N. Topic/Subject Title of the class Duration (hrs)
1 Language Moroccan Arabic – Intermediate 90
2 Seminar Research Methodology   and Fieldwork 10


Université de Sousse, Sousse (Tunisia)

N. Topic/Subject Title of the class Duration (hrs)
1 Language Standard Arabic – Intermediate 90
1 Language Standard Arabic – Advanced 90
2 Seminar Research Methodology and Fieldwork 10


Université de Strasbourg (France)

N. Topic/Subject Title of the class Duration (hrs)
1 Research Methodology Core Research Methodology Training 15
2 Seminar Integration in CNRS Laboratories Activities and Fieldwork 85