MIM Student takes part in ‘Host-Spot’ conference on migration in Egypt

MIM Student takes part in ‘Host-Spot’ conference on migration in Egypt

From 28th October to 2nd November the MIM student Lena Richter (Class 2017/19) has participated in the international ‘Host-Spot’- conference on Conflicts and Peace, Human Rights, Intercultural Dialogue and Migration and Integration in Alexandria, Egypt. She was one of 22 participants that came from nine different European and Middle-Eastern countries.

The nine NGOs that took part in the conference pursue a strong cooperation in order to find global answers to the global challenge of migration. Among others Caritas Jordan and Caritas Egypt, the UN organization New Humanity and the Italian NGO Non Dalla Guerra participated in the exchange project that is co-financed by the European Union. The mixture of smaller and bigger NGOs, different nationalities and various academic and professional backgrounds led to fruitful debates, workshops and dialogues.

The conference was the follow-up of two previous meetings in Jordan and Germany. During the first project phase in Jordan the young participants gained insights in the lifeworld of Syrian and Iraqui refugees. After that the participants met again in Germany and gained filmmaking skills in order to share their experiences in Jordan. The result are three short films that show the personal stories of Syrian and Iraqui refugees. The main idea of the short films and the project in general is to change ‘hotspots’ into ‘hostspots’ and to learn from each other’s personal experiences of working in the field of migration.

Lena MIM

Besides representing the German NGO Starkmacher, Lena had the chance to talk about the Master MIM. During the presentation of the master she stressed the similarities between the conference and the master: both promote the importance of intercultural dialogue, interdisciplinarity and the positive perception of migration.