Natalia Fernández

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Natalia Fernández

Born in Spain. Ph. D. in Linguistics (2000; subject: gender violence and media) and Ph.D. in Logic & Philosophy of Science (2012; illness and personal narratives). MA in Human Sexuality (1994), MA in Music and Musical Language (1986) and MA in German Philology (1990).

Professor of International and Intercultural Communication & Intercultural negotiation and resolution of conflicts at the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. She is professor in the Master MIM from the beginning. She is also involved in the master “Health and welfare” (resolution of conflicts in the area of health relationships; analysis of social perceptions and public discourses in the field of health and disease; gender) and master China-European Union (intercultural communication, media representations, discourse analysis; gender).

Translator of 9 languages. Author of several books and articles on gender, language, media and intercultural and international communication.

International gender trainer, guest professor and researcher on intercultural and international communication/conflicts resolution and negotiation in different countries from Europe (Spain, Holland, Belgium, Portugal, France, England, Italy, Czech Republic, Macedonia) Asia (Turkey, China) and America (Mexico, Canada, Argentina, Paraguay). Trainer and professor of Spanish as a second language since 1993, specifically in the field of its linguistic and socio-cultural contexts.

Currently she works at the University of Zhejiang (China).