Services and support


At each full partner institution, students will enjoy full assistance for administrative issues, visa requirements, housing, canteens and all activities which will are important for the integration in the academic environment of the hosting partner institutions. Students (especially those from the Partner Countries) will enjoy a full tutoring service. This service will crucially include dedicated practical-oriented assistance (transitions between institutions, applications for visas, administrative issues, provision of accommodation, etc.) as well as advice/support to ensure integration in the learning environments of both the full partners and the associated partners. All students will be given full access to the libraries, internet services, social services and sport facilities. In particular:

  • Library Services: students will enjoy full access to the libraries (all are equipped with reading and study rooms, and computers with Internet access through the eduroam international roaming service). Information sessions are organised for new students.
  • Sports: in each full partner university, students can choose between a wide range of sports and physical activities: supervised activities, outdoor courses, university tournaments in some sports and much more (SAF in UAB; CUS in UNIVE and Pratique Encadrée in UPVM).
  • Cultural life and activities: full partner universities offer activities, courses and workshops (such as Cultura en viu – UAB; Ca’ Foscari ARTI – UNIVE; CROUS – UPVM) supporting creation and other artistic activities. Drama, Dance, Music, Cinema courses and Literature workshops and readings are organised by all partner universities.

At the university associated partners, students will also enjoy full access to the libraries, internet connection, social services and sport facilities, local and distance tutoring. At Strasbourg, where the research aspects are particularly significant, MIM students will have access to the libraries and all the facilities of the University (for example Courses of French at the Center of Resources and Learning of Languages (CRAL) of UDS, courses of extra-European languages at SPIRAL, internship office, International Relations office and activities, etc). They will also have access to the Strasbourg National Library (BNU). The MIM is committed to providing high quality services in a manner which is fair, efficient and polite.


All partners are aware of the importance of the services to be provided to incoming students, especially those from Partner Countries, and they have a 15-year experience in dealing with all relevant matters.

  • Prior the students’ arrival at the different partner universities, practical information on housing, visa etc. will be provided by the Secretariat and/or the contact points, before the beginning of each module
  • Welcome points and other relevant administrative facilities will be available at the premises of the full partners (e.g. the International Welcome Point at UAB; the International Welcome Desk in UNIVE and the CROUS in UPVM). Instruction and advice will be given on formalities and procedures to be followed for registration, visa requirements, student residence permits (as well as student work permits to take into account training/work dimensions). Through shared supervision, partners will make sure that similar services can be available to students also at the premises of the associated partners;
    specific guidance material will be developed during the preparatory year (both curriculum and practice related)
  • An induction process will be in place at each full partner. Through a buddy programme, fellow student from the same places of origin of the MIM students will provide peer assistance and advice. Partner Country students will especially benefit from tailor-made supervision and tutoring, depending on specific needs. Supervision will be available for complementary coaching/mentoring
  • Supporting language courses will be offered: Spanish (at the UAB), French at UPVM and Italian at UNIVE, to provide students with the basic linguistic tools to fully understand classes and lectures. These courses will be directly coordinated by the course directors in each partners institution. A summer school of French as a foreign language will be also be offered in the summer of the first year by UPVM.